Medika Kartika: Journal of Medicine and Health charges the following authors: 

  • Article Submission: 0.00 (IDR)
  • Authors are not required to pay an Article Submission Fee when submitting their manuscript to the journal.
  • Fast-Track Review: X.X00.000 (IDR)
  • Publication Article: 500.000 (IDR)

 If this paper is accepted for publication, authors will be requested to pay any publication fees for the article.

The details and methods of payment are as follows:

  1. Payment is made via bank transfer to BNI account 1228316930 on behalf of Jurnal Medika Kartika.
  2. Authors who have received the issuance schedule for the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and Invoice must make payments seven days after receiving the Invoice.
  3. Proof of transfer must be sent to the journal publisher via email or the Medika Kartika website account so that the publication process can be carried out immediately.
  4. Pay must be received within the specified time to ensure the article is processed for publication.